The Modulated Intensity Small Angle Neutron Scattering option. We modulate the polarization as function of time upstream of the sample.

MISANS uses only the resonant flippers in front of the sample, driven at different frequencies, which leads to a high-frequency intensity modulation at a specific position behind the sample. As in NSE, any change of the neutron beam due to inelastic scattering at the sample leads to a decrease of the amplitude of these oscillations, which is readily detected. The technique should cover approximately the same dynamical range as NRSE with the advantage that no components are needed between sample and detector, which minimizes the background. However, this performance has not been reached yet, because the existing neutron detectors do not reach the resolution in space and time required by MISANS. In the frame of this project new detector concepts will be developed and tested, which would reach the performance required for a competitive MISANS setup.



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