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The Modulated Intensity Small Angle Neutron Scattering option. We modulate the polarization as function of time upstream of the sample. MISANS uses only the resonant flippers in front of the sample, driven at different frequencies, which leads to a high-frequency … Continue reading

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The Time Of Flight Amplitude Regulation option. An increased resolution can be measured via a Fourier  transform. TOFLAR uses only the Larmor labelling elements in front of the sample to modulate the beam as shown in the figure. In this … Continue reading

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The Neutron Resonance Spin-Echo option with magnets moved to 90 degree angle.  The accepted scattered beam divergence is low.       By replacing the RF magnet systems by a combination of RF flippers and large coils we can increase … Continue reading

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High reslolution Larmor diffraction

High resolution Larmor diffraction will use the same components as SESANS but at wide-angle diffraction configuration and with the two precession fields in the same direction, shown in the figure, measuring lattice  spacings Δd/d with accuracies as high as high … Continue reading

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The Spin-Echo Small Angle Neutron Scattering option by insertion of angle labelling magnets. SESANS will have two oppositely oriented precession regions before and after the sample with inclined field boundaries and will resolve scattering angles as small as ~ 10 … Continue reading

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Polarized SANS

The Polarized Small Angle Neutron Scattering option. SANS with polarization analysis: this “basic” configuration will yield detailed information about magnetic nanostructures and will also be used to separate coherent from incoherent scattering in soft matter investigations. The neutron beam will … Continue reading

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The clasical Small Angle Neutron Scattering option. This instrument is the basis for all the Larmor Labelling options and fully developed by ISIS. It is in itself a very powerfull SANS instrument.

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