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Prof. dr. Catherine Pappas, Faculty of Applied Sciences at Delft University of Technology Dr. ir. Ilja K. Voets, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Eindhoven University of Technology Prof. dr. Thomas T.M. Palstra, Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials at University … Continue reading

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LARMOR proposal

In the “NWO groot” proposal we propose to build a new neutron scattering instrument, which will fully exploit the potential of Larmor Labelling. LARMOR, shown in the figure below, will be a multipurpose instrument based on Larmor Labelling techniques, where … Continue reading

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Science case

Advances in technology can only be made if materials are available that perform according to the requirements. In modern technology, these requirements become more and more stringent. The maximum operating temperature for gas turbines limits their efficiency and is determined … Continue reading

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Material science

Hybrid organically linked silica is a highly promising class of materials for the application in energy-efficient molecular separation membranes. The materials consist of an amorphous silica matrix in which part of the Si-O-Si bond are replaced by Si-R-Si, where R … Continue reading

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In some cases multiferroics can exhibit structural inhomogeneity in the form of domains with subtly different structures. For example, when the prototypical spin-spiral multiferroic TbMnO3 is doped on the Tb-site by a few percent of Ca, the ferroelectricity is gradually … Continue reading

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Soft matter application

The strength of neutrons in soft matter investigations lies in the direct sensitivity to the relevant time and length scales as well as in the ability to distinguish between hydrogen and deuterium, the so-called contrast variation method. The SANS, SESANS, … Continue reading

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The Instrument

LARMOR is one of the four “phase 2” instruments planned to be built at the Second Target Station of the UK spallation source ISIS. The go ahead for these instruments came March 2011, with the allocation of 21M£. LARMOR will … Continue reading

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Why do we want to use neutrons

Atoms or groups of atoms (molecules) build our world including ourselves. If we want to use the materials around us: liquids, solids, magnets, polymers, proteins, we must know why they behave the way they do, we must understand the way … Continue reading

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