LARMOR proposal

In the “NWO groot” proposal we propose to build a new neutron scattering instrument, which will fully exploit the potential of Larmor Labelling. LARMOR, shown in the figure below, will be a multipurpose instrument based on Larmor Labelling techniques, where different types of measurements for structure and dynamics will be performed one after the other, while preserving the beam geometry and basic calibrations.

LARMOR will be a revolutionary neutron instrument for very high-resolution measurements of the position and mobility of atoms and molecules in the bulk. Dutch scientists will have fast and direct access to this unique neutron microscope that will be situated at ISIS the world-leading UK neutron source.

The switch between different modes will be relatively easy and fast.


-SANS for structures of 0.1 nm to 100 nm with and without polarised neutrons

-SESANS for structures from 20 nm to 30 micron

-Larmor diffraction for diffraction with a resolution in the order of 1×10-6





The parameter range covered by LARMOR is highlighted the following figures and is exactly the range, which would normally require a combination of several inelastic neutron scattering techniques.

In the areas of advanced materials, nanoscience and soft matter there is a distinct trend towards the study of complex, multi-component or multi-phase systems, the use of complex sample environments, and the investigation of non-equilibrium systems. The dimension scales of importance range from molecular to meso-scale. In these very topical scientific fields the very broad range of length and time scales involved necessitates the combination of experimental results obtained on several instruments and with different techniques. The multi-functionality of LARMOR provides the required large application range on a single instrument, and in combination with the high intensity neutron source of the Second Target Station of ISIS it will provide a platform for new, world-class science and applications.



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