LARMOR tables in Delft

Installation of the Delft equipment on the LARMOR instrument at ISIS needs to be plug and play. To be sure this will be a smooth installation we have now the exact same tables. With this we can even practice the alignment procedure of the magnets and check what is the best way to run all the cables. One striking point…LARMOR tables are massive, next challenge is to find the space to put these in line…

Delft_version1 Delft_version2 Delft_version3








The first picture shows the two tables with our 3D printed scaled model on top. The second picture shows the first table. We have added side support, at ISIS this table is bolted to the ground. Third picture shows the table that will hold the detector/SANS vessel and our magnets. The strips support the reference plane that will hold our translation stages.



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