First Physical Review Letters Publication from LARMOR !

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Pinned to the door

We proudly pinned a new picture to the door of the measuring cabin of LARMOR. The top (circular) plot is a SANS pattern that is the basic mode of operation of the instrument.

Since 19-02-2017 we added a so called “Atari plot” to the functionality of LARMOR. This is a spin-echo phase plot as function of wavelength. The central horizontal stripe represents the constant echo phase for all wavelengths, which looks quite good!

Quality of the data is as expected, we can now officially say, SESANS is a operational mode of LARMOR!

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Final installation of LARMOR components

Installation of all components on the LARMOR beam line on the 3rd of February 2017. Now these components, developed in Delft, found there final destination in the LARMOR blockhouse. Now the commissioning and debugging can start!

Below we have the team that did the job. Taking it from ideas trough sketches, prototypes, models, more prototypes, testing, final design, construction and finally installation. A long but rewarding process.

Cheers to the team!

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Physical Review B Editor’s suggestion with first results from LARMOR !


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Finishing the first arm

We aLARMOR Progress - Table 1 + Guide coilsre currently working on finalising the first arm in Delft. This will be shipped and installed end of august at ISIS.

For the final test in Delft the magnets are put on the rails, the cables get disentangled and cut to length, all the power supplies and other electronic devices are given their own spot¬†under the table, the guide field coils get installed, … And of course the software for the motion is being tested rigorously. When this is all done we will pack everything and ship it to ISIS for the final installation .

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LARMOR @ Delft: progress

Overview of a few parts we're currently working on. After our successful SEMSANS experiment at ISIS, we have moved everything back to Delft. Currently the instrument is being build up again so we can complete it for the final installation. Also other components like the V-coils, field steppers, guide field coils, etc. are in production. The part that is currently less visible but certainly not of less importance is the software for the motion control. There is good progress in making these programs and we can start testing the motion control on the complete instrument soon.

Always¬†wanted to know how to build a SEMSANS instrument in only four minutes? Then check out the timelapse video we’ve made during the installation at ISIS!

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setup1We are very exited because a all things are coming together. We have installed the spin-echo components on the first arm (pre-sample) of LARMOR at ISIS. Now we have prepared everything for a experiment that has never been done! We will attempt to measure a SANS signal and SEMSANS signal (variation of SESANS) at the same time. This will give will enable us to measure structures with a size range from 1 nm to 5 (or more) micrometer!!!

We will start commissioning on the 16th of Feb. and hope to start the measurements soon after. The sample is prepared in close collaboration with the University of Bath.

setup2In the picture above one can see the white SANS vessel that will lower the air scattering and enable us to see a clear SANS signal. On the right one can see the spin-echo components installed that will cause an in space modulated signal on a special beam stop that contains SESANS information. This will be the very first time they will be switched on at ISIS so fingers crossed.

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Magnets waiting for cables

magnet assamblyWe installed the first two magnets on the first table for the final assembly including: magnet power cable, cooling water, hall probe, encoders, motor control (6 per table).

Now waiting for the last parts to come in…

This all need to be ready before shipping to ISIS end of January 2016!


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Neutrons view on shielding

boron flightubeThis is what the neutrons will see when they travel through the flight tube. Sections of tapered Boron rubber so neutrons that plan not to participate in the measurement will end up in the small edges of Boron rubber.


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some serious guide coil winding

guidecoilsMichel is now winding our biggest guide coils ever that will be used on the first table. The coil is slowly spinning with an strong electrical motor and Michel is running and climbing to feed in the wire.

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