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Impression of LARMOR instrument in SESANS mode

Here an impression of the instrument in SESANS mode, mid September 2017.  

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LARMOR Meeting at Beatrixgebouw Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, September 27th 2017

Following the first calls of proposals a meeting is organised at the Beatrixgebouw Jaarbeurs, in Utrecht, September 27th 2017. Registration is open at : The program  includes a general introduction to the instrument and beam-time access procedures as well as a series of scientific pitches on scientific applications … Continue reading

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Pinned to the door

We proudly pinned a new picture to the door of the measuring cabin of LARMOR. The top (circular) plot is a SANS pattern that is the basic mode of operation of the instrument. Since 19-02-2017 we added a so called … Continue reading

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Final installation of LARMOR components

Installation of all components on the LARMOR beam line on the 3rd of February 2017. Now these components, developed in Delft, found there final destination in the LARMOR blockhouse. Now the commissioning and debugging can start! Below we have the … Continue reading

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Finishing the first arm

We are currently working on finalising the first arm in Delft. This will be shipped and installed end of august at ISIS. For the final test in Delft the magnets are put on the rails, the cables get disentangled and … Continue reading

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Neutrons view on shielding

This is what the neutrons will see when they travel through the flight tube. Sections of tapered Boron rubber so neutrons that plan not to participate in the measurement will end up in the small edges of Boron rubber.  

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some serious guide coil winding

Michel is now winding our biggest guide coils ever that will be used on the first table. The coil is slowly spinning with an strong electrical motor and Michel is running and climbing to feed in the wire.

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First test with pairing magnets succesfull

We have tested the movement and locking system on the magnet. This appears to work better than expected. After this we even changed the gearing ration so it will move a bit faster than in the short movie made by … Continue reading

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First si(g)ns of LARMOR diffraction

  Thanks to a big effort from our student Maurice we just measured the first oscillations that are the signature of LARMOR diffraction. On the photo the 4 RF flippers create a B-field parallel to the crystal plane in the … Continue reading

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The first tests of High Resolution Larmor Diffraction will start soon

We are building a High Resolution Larmor Diffraction instrument in the reactor hall of RID. The key components, the RF flippers are from the FLEX Triple axis instrument. With these flippers the first Larmor diffraction experiments were performed years ago in Berlin! … Continue reading

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