MISANS looking at water

In the week of the 9th of December 2019 we had the opportunity to measure a “MIEZE” signal within a SANS measurement -> MISANS. With this technique we are able to look into the self-diffusion of water.  So within the SANS signal of the water we find a dynamic signal that related to the movement of water.

This MISANS mode is slightly different than the last MIEZE measurement. This time we used the RF flippers in a Pi/2 and 1/t (no gradient) setting so there was no need to use the Vcoils. As the neutron intensity variation stayed below 100kHz we could just use the SANS (He3) detector in combination with the standard SANS vessel. So no major rebuild was needed, only a few hours tweaking.

Here the H3 Analyser is being installed. Magnets are perpendicular with maximum distance to each other

Thanks to the ISIS He3 team we could analyse the beam at these small angles (around 5 deg) with very low background.

Again this was a collaboration with people from FRM2 in Munich, TU Vienna, ISIS, Indiana University Bloomington and TU Delft.

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