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LARMOR Meeting at Beatrixgebouw Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, September 27th 2017

Following the first calls of proposals a meeting is organised at the Beatrixgebouw Jaarbeurs, in Utrecht, September 27th 2017. Registration is open at : The program  includes a general introduction to the instrument and beam-time access procedures as well as a series of scientific pitches on scientific applications … Continue reading

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Finishing the first arm

We are currently working on finalising the first arm in Delft. This will be shipped and installed end of august at ISIS. For the final test in Delft the magnets are put on the rails, the cables get disentangled and … Continue reading

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LARMOR @ Delft: progress

After our successful SEMSANS experiment at ISIS, we have moved everything back to Delft. Currently the instrument is being build up again so we can complete it for the final installation. Also other components like the V-coils, field steppers, guide … Continue reading

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We are very exited because a all things are coming together. We have installed the spin-echo components on the first arm (pre-sample) of LARMOR at ISIS. Now we have prepared everything for a experiment that has never been done! We … Continue reading

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Magnets waiting for cables

We installed the first two magnets on the first table for the final assembly including: magnet power cable, cooling water, hall probe, encoders, motor control (6 per table). Now waiting for the last parts to come in… This all need … Continue reading

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Dutch Beam time: First Call of Proposals for Small Angle Neutron Scattering Experiments !

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Magnetic Field Measurements on the Real Magnets

After the magnets arrived we started a measurement of the magnetic field between the pole shoes. This was done by using a Hall probe attached on a translation stage. The first image shows the results of a simulation, done with the … Continue reading

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Visit Delft team to Larmor

Rob Dalgliesh from ISIS shows to Chris Duif and Jurrian Bakker from Delft the sample position at Larmor just before the first neutrons will arrive.  On the left you can see the position sensitive detector.

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LARMOR presented at the Dutch Polymer Institute

The LARMOR project was presented at the workshop New Horizons in Polymer Characterisation organised by the Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) on Thursday 23 January 2014, in Eindhoven. The presentation can be downloaded here.

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Soft matter application

The strength of neutrons in soft matter investigations lies in the direct sensitivity to the relevant time and length scales as well as in the ability to distinguish between hydrogen and deuterium, the so-called contrast variation method. The SANS, SESANS, … Continue reading

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