Magnetic Field Measurements on the Real Magnets

OPERA graph - normalized zoom2

Measured - normalized zoom1

After the magnets arrived we started a measurement of the magnetic field between the pole shoes. This was done by using a Hall probe attached on a translation stage.

The first image shows the results of a simulation, done with the help of Thomas Mouille. The second image shows the results from the real measurements (not the complete area was measured). Both graphs are normalized on the center value and use the same scale. The results show that the field is even more homogeneous than was predicted in the simulations!


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RF flipper ready to be tested

RF flipperThe RF flipper is almost ready to be tested. It does look pretty with all the shiny copper but there is quite some development underneath. A RF coil is fixed by epoxy in a 3D printed mold. On top is a smooth rotating disk that should act as a mechanical pickup on the magnet (later more). And we have plastic baring in a 3D printed guide/spring system to guide it along the beam tube. Soon the beam tube will come in for further testing

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Magnetic field can be controlled

magnet regulationOne other box that is ticked. The magnetic field regulation does work perfectly. We can set and control the magnetic field of the magnet from -100 mT to +100 mT with an accuracy of 5µT. A set-point is reached in about 5 seconds which is pretty good for such a big magnet.

We have manual and computer control available. Very pleased with the DEMO support on this!

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First magnet arrived today

first magnet2It is not the best picture, however we are very happy that the first magnet set arrived. The picture shows one half of this set that is just installed on the small rotation stage that sits on a translation stage that sits on a big rotation stage that sits on a big translation stage.

The design makes it possible to take of the pole shoes and mount it back or flip them in 7 minutes within an accuracy of….0,004 degrees!!!

With this very first installation we found some point that need attention but can be solved later. Next on the program is measuring the magnetic field and see if the simulations were realistic.



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first magnet alomst ready

We visited the company that is producing the magnets. The tolerance on the iron yoke in quite a challenge and need a bit more work. Hopefully we can test the first magnet end of next week…

yoke1 yoke2 yoke3

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On the 17th of March LARMOR woke up after a long shutdown. Please follow the witter for the hot news on the commissioning! Intensity is as expected, background needs a bit more work.


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Fancy guide coil stuff

imageThe new guide field profile has a winding tool to fix the copper wire, hope it will work. We will make a new prototype coil soon…


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LARMOR stakeholders meeting

On December 17th 2014 we had an important stakeholders meeting in Delft. All the partners in the proposal were present.

We started of with several presentations that give an update or start a discussion. First there was a presentation of Rob Dalgliesh that gives an impressive overview of the progress on the SANS instrument at ISIS.

After that Jeroen Plomp gave an Delft progress update.

Next was Jurrian Bakker, who is our soft matter PhD student, with the update on Delft_soft matter PhD.

The last presentation was for our newest member of the team, Fei Li, who is our hard matter PhD student, with an update on Delft_hard matter PhDFei.

After these presentation we had discussion on sample environment, Larmor Diffraction mode, new detector to combine SANS and diffraction, use of beam time and many other topics.

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Real components are coming in…

rail GALIL








At the moment components for our prototype are coming in. We are working on the alignment of the rail system that guides the magents up and down the beamline. An other team is working on electronic motion control of this movement. We have one full ISIS motion control system (thank you Steven!) to play with…great fun!!!


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Prototype guide field coil.

guide coil Following the previous post about guide field calculations, here we have a prototype of the new guide coil design. We will have special custom extruded Al profile with ITEM profile on the inside, protection plate connection on outside, room for Cu cooling tube, 3D printed corners to reduce price and have smooth wire feed-in/out.

This prototype was tested up to 10 A and 100 Watt (approx. 80 ‘C), no cooling.

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