Wooden parts of LARMOR @Delft

setup03 setup02


To avoid any errors in our design and to get all the cables at the right length we made a wooden copy of the most important ISIS hardware on the two LARMOR tables. The next step is the Delft magnets and motion control and then we can practice the transfer from SANS to SESANS…

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RF aplifiersFour meters of brute power…

The RF AR-800 amplifiers are ready for testing…

If they pass the test we can already ship two pieces to ISIS for installation and test if it will add noise to the detector for example.


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LARMOR tables in Delft

Installation of the Delft equipment on the LARMOR instrument at ISIS needs to be plug and play. To be sure this will be a smooth installation we have now the exact same tables. With this we can even practice the alignment procedure of the magnets and check what is the best way to run all the cables. One striking point…LARMOR tables are massive, next challenge is to find the space to put these in line…

Delft_version1 Delft_version2 Delft_version3








The first picture shows the two tables with our 3D printed scaled model on top. The second picture shows the first table. We have added side support, at ISIS this table is bolted to the ground. Third picture shows the table that will hold the detector/SANS vessel and our magnets. The strips support the reference plane that will hold our translation stages.



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Visit Delft team to Larmor


Rob Dalgliesh from ISIS shows to Chris Duif and Jurrian Bakker from Delft the sample position at Larmor just before the first neutrons will arrive.  On the left you can see the position sensitive detector.

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First neutrons on LARMOR

Yesterday we received very good news from the UK. The first neutrons have been detected by the LARMOR instrument!!!!!!!

Click this link to read the official news on the ISIS website!

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LARMOR post sample vessel tested

LARMORVESSELToday we visited the company Schelde Exotech situated in Vlissingen (NED). This company produced the vessel that will be used in the SANS mode. Today the leak rate test is performed and it will be shipped to ISIS soon for installation.

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LARMOR presented at the Dutch Polymer Institute

The LARMOR project was presented at the workshop

New Horizons in Polymer Characterisation

organised by the Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) on Thursday 23 January 2014, in Eindhoven. The presentation can be downloaded here.

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For the very up to date information on the progress of LARMOR in the UK one can now go to twitter!!!

Twitter on LARMOR

This is made by ISIS, how cool is that! It is also available for some other instruments like OffSpec.

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SYNEW 2013 in Antwerpen

Last week we visited the SYNEW 2013 – SYnchrotron and NEutron Workshop in Antwerpen. This workshop brings Dutch and Belgian synchrotron and Neutron users together. We presented a poster on the Dutch contribution to LARMOR to inform our new potential users what the possibilities are for this instrument.

A pdf of the poster can be found here; LARMOR synew poster

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Tutorials during LARMOR meeting

During the LARMOR meeting in Groningen two very clear overview tutorials were presented by experts in the field. The topics were chosen to be in line with the first modes that will be available on the LARMOR instrument (SANS/SESANS/Larmor diffraction). First tutorial was given by G. Blake (University of Groningen)  on diffraction (diffraction) and the second was on SANS and SESANS (SANS/SESANS) by S. Rogers from ISIS (UK). If you press the corresponding links you are able to view the PDF version of the tutorials. If you have any question concerning these presentation please contact me (j.plomp@tudelft.nl)


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