Result of kick off meeting

We had a successful kick off meeting in Utrecht on the 2nd of October. It was a fruitful discussion about scientific requirements and technological solutions and led to the short report that can be downloaded here.

Presentations were given by Katia Pappas (TUdelft) about the project in general (download), Rob Dalgliesh (ISIS) about the construction of LARMOR at ISIS (download) and Jeroen Plomp (TUDelft) about the technical development of the spin-echo components in Delft (download) and how to move the LARMOR magnets around to make room for a SANS tank (movie)

After a short coffee break more science oriented presentations were given by the co proposers: Ilja Voets (TU Eindhoven) highlighted soft matter applications (download), Graeme Blake (Groningen University) gave his insights on the impact LARMOR may have on magnetism (download) and Jilt Sietsma (TUDelft) presented material science driven applications (download).

Finally¬† the meeting was evaluated around a (modest) drink, under the watchful eye of the “bar cat” called Dirk.

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